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Getting to know Piriformis Syndrome and its treatment

You may rarely hear Piriformis syndrome because this disease is classified as lower back pain which is rare, so not many people are familiar with its name. Lower back pain itself is a common condition experienced by people with an age range between 18 to 55 years. Piriformis syndrome occurs when the Piriformis muscle compresses the sciatic nerve, which is a large nerve that runs from the lower back to each of your legs. Piriformis muscle itself is a muscle located in the buttocks, extending to the top of the femur. Piriformis muscles help balance the lower body when you do activities that involve parts of the body in this area, such as walking or while lifting weights. Piriformis Syndrome and its effects on the body Someone who has Piriformis syndrome may feel pain in the hip, buttocks, or groin area, and also feel the body out of balance. Symptoms that are felt in Piriformis syndrome are generally similar to sciatica. Piriformis syndrome is susceptible to truck drivers, tennis
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The Importance of Complete Hematology Tests for Diagnosing Diseases

A complete hematology test is a complete blood examination including: white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets. This examination is usually included in the health examination. Aside from being part of a routine health check, doctors can usually request a complete hematology test to diagnose certain conditions such as infection or bleeding. A complete hematology test is done by taking a patient's blood sample. This is done by laboratory personnel or nurses by inserting needles in the arteries of the arms. This blood sample will then be examined and then reported as a test result. A complete hematological examination is needed to determine a person's overall health condition and detect certain health problems such as infections, leukemia, and anemia. Complete hematological tests are also often performed to monitor the patient's condition after undergoing treatment. The Role of a Complete Hematologist From the complete hematology test will be obtained the result

How to Get a Natural White Face and Maintain Its Health

A natural white face is not limited to women's desires. However, to get it is indeed not easy. Various treatment options can be done, from the affordable, to those who have to spend more. However, actually there are still several ways you can do to get a natural white face. White injection is one of the steps taken by some women to get the desired white face. This step is somewhat faster in providing results, however, white injection must be done carefully because it can pose health risks. As an alternative, you can use natural ingredients to get a desirable natural white face. Natural White Face Although it is still being researched medically to find out its effectiveness on the skin, some of the following natural ingredients, are believed to help you get a natural white facial skin, namely: Soy Soybean is an alternative natural material that is able to be a substitute for retinoids and hydroquinone in whitening the skin. Skin care products containing soy can make facial

Get to know the form of hyperkeratosis, some are dangerous, some are not

Hyperkeratosis is thickening of the outer layer of the skin that contains a strong protective protein called keratin. This is a common condition experienced. Some are harmless and can subside with independent treatment, while others can be an early symptom of cancer. Look at its shape and consult a doctor early to confirm the diagnosis. Hyperkeratosis is generally characterized by symptoms such as calluses on the feet and hands, can even form the formation of white areas in the mouth. Various forms of hyperkeratosis can be caused by several things such as: Friction, irritation, or pressure. Genetic disorders. Chronic inflammation. Infection. Chemical irritation. Exposure to sunlight. Different causes can also be different hyperkeratosis formed. Get to know the various forms of hyperkeratosis The following are various forms of hyperkeratosis that you may often encounter: Calluses are formed due to repeated pressure on the skin to form a thick layer. This condition usually

Antibiotics for Cough, Find Information Here

Utilizing antibiotics for cough, only for certain types of cough. Because, not all types of cough require antibiotic treatment. Inappropriate use of antibiotics can actually cause the risk of side effects. Actually coughing is the body's natural reaction to clear the throat or respiratory tract of foreign objects. Although coughs that occur occasionally are normal, it can also be a symptom of certain diseases. For example flu, allergic reactions, inflammation and respiratory infections such as bronchitis to tuberculosis. Consumption of antibiotics for cough appropriately Antibiotics have the main function of killing or preventing bacterial infections. If the cough you experience is not caused by a bacterial infection, antibiotics will not be able to cure your illness. Conversely, if the cough you experience occurs due to the influence of a bacterial infection, it is most likely that antibiotics are the right medicine for your cough. However, to ensure the cause of cough and